Efficient Multi-Functional Solar Systems

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from left to right: Energy Power Greenhouse (EPG) · SunPulse Electric: solar thermal electrical generator · SunPulse Water: solar thermal water pump · CleanPhoton: solar drinking water system

Sunvention GmbH works in cooperation with nature to create multi-functional solar systems that bring together solar energy, water and organic food production, making decentralized solar technologies available for communities worldwide.

The products and inventions in this brochure arise from a vision which has inspired me since my long journeys in the world, especially in Africa, where I saw the misery of the women in the villages who walked hours every day to collect the last remaining firewood. It is humanity’s duty to respond to such poverty and environmental destruction, which is entirely unnecessary in a land where energy from the sun is particularly abundant. I can respond as a scientist and an inventor, and I decided to put my technical knowledge into the service of those who need it the most.

Instead of developing high-tech systems to make people dependent on industry and centralized supply systems, we in our team have designed a modular solar power plant which can largely be built locally. Our team has developed technology with the potential to secure energy self-sufficiency for villages in the sun-rich areas of the world and to support rural development in structurally weak regions of Europe. Those areas of Europe which are presently most in need are also those which are richest in sunshine.

Jürgen Kleinwächter in front of SunPulse Water

Over decades of research and development work, our team has developed a variety of solar energy systems and components which can be used alone or assembled to form integral, multi-functional systems which bring together solar energy production, water provisioning, and the creation of optimal conditions for plant growth. As the core, Sunvention engineers have created a completely novel Stirling technology, working with relatively low temperatures and pressures and simple heat-energy storage techniques, which opens the revolutionary possibility of autonomous solutions for the enormous worldwide requirement for small power engines in the range 100 Watt to 2 Kilowatt.

This approach to solar energy extends conventional paradigms. Its simple elegance is the result of a different way of thinking in which humans are a part of a whole and healthy world in which cooperation becomes more rewarding than competition. Instead of energy monopolies, we enable regional autonomy in energy and food supply. In this way the land can be cared for, and workplaces can be created so that life can return to the villages, both near and far.

I hope our website can transmit some of the vision and its practical realisation.

Jürgen Kleinwächter, President
Sunvention International GmbH, Germany

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